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Insights By Elevandi

Elevandi publishes a comprehensive series of reports, which examine in detail the key trends shaping the future of financial services.


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ElevandiMay 11, 2024 12:08:57 AM1 min read

State of FinTech: Africa

Written by Rafat Kapadia, Head of Investments, Elevandi Aanault Lee, Investments Strategy ...
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ElevandiMar 25, 2024 11:52:42 AM6 min read

Universal Trusted Credentials (UTC) - A New Digital Public Good To Promote MSMEs Financial Inclusion

Summary report written by Francessa Puricelli, Sustainable Finance Specalist, United ...
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ElevandiMar 11, 2024 2:39:17 PM1 min read

3I Africa Summit, Accra, Ghana: A Multilateral Dialogue To Develop Pathways For Africa's Financial Sector Transformation

Written by Rafat Kapadia, Head of Investments, Elevandi Kwame A. Oppong, Director of ...
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ElevandiMar 7, 2024 2:45:34 PM< 1 min read

VC Investing in APAC amidst turbulent macroeconomic conditions

Summary report by Syfe following a roundtable discussion which took place at Elevandi ...
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ElevandiFeb 29, 2024 5:03:03 PM7 min read

2024: Policy, Tech, Finance - What's Next?

Written by Jael Tan, Head of Government & International Relations, Elevandi Four ...
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ElevandiFeb 29, 2024 11:33:22 AM4 min read

The Future of Embedded Finance: Insights from Industry Leaders

Summary report by Kapronasia following a roundtable discussion which took place at ...
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ElevandiFeb 21, 2024 12:24:49 PM< 1 min read

Looking ahead to G20 Brazil 2024: The role of innovation and venture capital in advancing the G20 agenda

This report urgently calls for reform within Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) to ...
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ElevandiFeb 7, 2024 12:48:20 PM3 min read

Shaping the future of cross-border transaction compliance

Summary report by Bank for International Settlements following a roundtable discussion ...
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ElevandiJan 28, 2024 8:45:00 PM< 1 min read

The role of the innovation ecosystem: Putting Singapore at the centre of the global digital economy

Explore Singapore's thriving FinTech ecosystem and its remarkable growth over the past 8 ...
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ElevandiOct 24, 2023 4:57:32 PM1 min read

Driving Innovation for a More Inclusive Future

In a world where financial services are the lifeblood of thriving economies, the power of ...
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