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Japan FinTech: Why The Timing Is Now

Written by Mukund Tatipamula, COO & Head of Hybrid Markets Japan, TP ICAP and Takeshi Kito, Co-founder & CEO, Elevandi Japan

30 April 2024 - When it comes to ecosystems where trust, stability and integrity are non-negotiables, Japan takes pole position. The current socioeconomic dynamic of Japan as a developed democracy and nation state is more relatable with nation states like the UK, Germany and the US, as opposed to city states like Singapore and Hong Kong.

Remember: Japan has always had innovators and excellent business leaders. These entrepreneurs revealed their potential in the aftermath of the second world war, giving rise to companies like Honda and Sony. This pattern was similarly observed during the Meiji Revolution, when the end of the Samurai era ushered in a new generation of political and economic leaders, leading to the formation of conglomerates like Mitsubishi.

The social construct of corporate Japan has, however, struggled to evolve with the times, with innovation bearing the brunt of Japan’s inertia.

In this report, we dive into the ways in which Japan’s landscape is now changing and why we see an opportunity in disguise for innovators and investors looking to enter this unique market.

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