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Elevandi publishes a comprehensive series of reports, which examine in detail the key trends shaping the future of financial services.


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ElevandiJun 3, 2024 5:49:12 PM2 min read

Why AI Hysteria Misses Humanity's True Potential

Op-ed by David Brunner, CEO & Founder & Anupriya Ankolekar, Co-Founder & ...
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ElevandiJun 3, 2024 5:18:00 PM1 min read

AI in Financial Services: Making it happen at scale

By Nerijus Zemgulys, Kirsten Rulf, Alyssa Lew from Boston Consulting Group & Rafat ...
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ElevandiMay 29, 2024 10:12:06 AM1 min read

2024: The Rebirth Of Global Fintech

29 May 2024 - The FinTech sector is undergoing a sea change from growth to profitability. ...
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ElevandiMay 20, 2024 11:32:14 AM1 min read

Forging Strategic Alliances: Advancing Fintech Innovation And Narrowing The AI Talent Gap Through Industry

Report by Singapore Management University following a roundtable discussion which took ...
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ElevandiMay 14, 2024 6:48:00 PM8 min read

Plenary Address by Ravi Menon: Tech for Good: Harnessing FinTech for Social Impact | 3i Africa Summit 2024

Africa on the Cusp of a FinTech Revolution
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ElevandiMay 9, 2024 10:40:50 AM< 1 min read

Primer on Artificial Intelligence: Governing Self-Learning Intelligent Systems

A knowledge guide to the Point Zero Forum 2024 programme
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ElevandiApr 30, 2024 4:33:41 PM1 min read

Japan FinTech: Why The Timing Is Now

Written by Mukund Tatipamula, COO & Head of Hybrid Markets Japan, TP ICAP and Takeshi ...
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ElevandiApr 26, 2024 3:20:07 PM1 min read

Becoming A Global Artificial Intelligence In Finance Hub

Summary report by Oliver Wyman following a roundtable discussion which took place at ...
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ElevandiApr 2, 2024 7:14:00 PM< 1 min read

Is Financial Services ready for an industry utility powered by GenAI?

Summary report by Accenture following a roundtable discussion which took place at ...
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ElevandiApr 2, 2024 5:37:00 PM1 min read


Written by Jean Fernandes, Group Chief Financial Officer, GxS Bank 2 April 2024 - The ...
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