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Balancing on the Edge: Harnessing Technological Promise in the Shadow
of Global Risks

1 - 3 July 2024  |  Zurich, Switzerland

This Annual Forum convenes 2,000 central bankers, regulators, policymakers, industry leaders, technologists and investors to address the latest developments in financial technology and the future of finance.

Our Mission 


“Elevandi’s mission is to foster an open dialogue between the public and private sector to advance FinTech in the digital economy."

Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Former Minister of Singapore

September, 2020

Elevandi Themes

Our Themes - Applications of AI, Fair Transition, Digital Assets, Financial Inclusion, and Risk & Resilience - underscore Elevandi's commitment to driving FinTech adoption and progress. Our global platforms serve as collaborative forums where senior policymakers and industry leaders convene to address and navigate challenges and opportunities across these themes.


Through in-depth dialogue and public-private collaboration, we aim to connect the world through impactful FinTech innovation. 

Latest Insights

Tokenization for Development

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Asset Tokenisation, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing - Point Zero Forum 2024

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Programmable Interoperability: The Key To Standardisation In Regulating Tokenised Assets

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Adapting Geopolitical Risk Frameworks For Financial Services

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Keynote Speech By Ravi Menon At National Economic And Financial Management Challenge (NEFMC) - Digital Divide Or Digital Empowerment?

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Primer On Climate Tech: The Urgency Of Action & Why Climate Technology Matters Now

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Moving Money At The Speed Of The Internet

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Climate Challenge: Connecting Domestic Savings to Climate

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Why AI Hysteria Misses Humanity's True Potential

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Catalysing Disruptive Shifts For Innovation And Sustainability In Urban Environments: The Case Of Japan

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AI in Financial Services: Making it happen at scale

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Transitioning Asia's Supply Chain

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Rearchitecting The Global Financial System

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2024: The Rebirth Of Global Fintech

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Forging Strategic Alliances: Advancing Fintech Innovation And Narrowing The AI Talent Gap Through Industry

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Plenary Address by Ravi Menon: Tech for Good: Harnessing FinTech for Social Impact | 3i Africa Summit 2024

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Beyond Swipe And Tap: Rewriting The Rules

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Primer on Artificial Intelligence: Governing Self-Learning Intelligent Systems

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Primer on Payments and Digital Money: Pathways to Deployment at Scale

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Forget Unicorns, Meet The Dragons

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Shaping Data Policies Through Cross-Border Collaboration

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Japan FinTech: Why The Timing Is Now

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Becoming A Global Artificial Intelligence In Finance Hub

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Connecting to global scalability in payments: How we can benefit from and contribute to the nexus

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Is Financial Services ready for an industry utility powered by GenAI?

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Universal Trusted Credentials (UTC) - A New Digital Public Good To Promote MSMEs Financial Inclusion

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3I Africa Summit, Accra, Ghana: A Multilateral Dialogue To Develop Pathways For Africa's Financial Sector Transformation

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VC Investing in APAC amidst turbulent macroeconomic conditions

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Multiplicity And Convergence In The Digital Assets Ecosystem

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Japan Cyber Threat Landscape

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State Of Global Fintech

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Re-Imagining The Financial Services Value Chain Through Embedded Finance

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Credit To The Last Mile: Account Aggregators & Data-Driven Inclusivity

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Global AI Governance: Convergence Or Fragmentation?

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Use Of AI/ML In Financial Supervision By Central Banks

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Looking ahead to G20 Brazil 2024: The role of innovation and venture capital in advancing the G20 agenda

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Our Initiatives

FutureMatters----APPLY-TO-BE-A-CONTRIBUTOR-IMAGE-min (1)
Learn More
Future Matters Insights shared on the Future Matters platform are designed to illuminate the complexities of tomorrow's challenges and opportunities. Our community of thought leaders delve into the most impactful topics shaping our world: Financial services, policymaking, venture capital, technology, ESG, entrepreneurship, diversity, leadership, strategy, and economic inclusion.Learn More
3i Africa Summit
3i Africa Summit

The annual 3i Africa Summit will gather governments, businesses, investors, academia and thought leaders to discuss and collaborate on unlocking Africa’s full potential, with a primary focus on the digital economy and FinTech.

PZF sergio
Learn More
Point Zero Forum

The Point Zero Forum in Zurich, Switzerland gathers over 2,000 central bankers, regulators, and industry leaders for leadership dialogues, roundtables, workshops, and networking to drive transformative technology adoption, growth, and assess governance and risk frameworks.

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IFF (1)
Learn More
Inclusive FinTech Forum

The Inclusive FinTech Forum in Kigali, Rwanda fosters strategies for the inclusive and sustainable development of FinTech. Policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, and foundations convene to align on the implementation, policies and partnerships that will harness technology to accelerate greater financial inclusion.

Learn More
PZF_EIF_Roundtable (1)
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Elevandi Insights Forum

The Elevandi Insights Forum leverages the format of private, invite-only, deep-dive roundtables curated by our expert knowledge partners to bring Senior Government Officials from the public sector, and C-level attendees from the private sector together to debate challenges faced by the financial sector and to develop actionable next steps.

Learn More
Kristalina Georgieva (1)
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Singapore FinTech Festival

The Singapore FinTech Festival is a global nexus where policy, finance, and technology communities converge. Designed to foster impactful connections and collaborations. SFF is a platform to explore the intersections of cutting-edge financial solutions, evolving regulatory landscapes, and the latest technological innovations.

Learn More
Learn More
The Capital Meets Policy Dialogue

The Capital Meets Policy Dialogue calls for policymakers to share strategic perspectives on FinTech regulations, sectors of interest and concern, and emerging risks. Conversely, the dialogue is an equal measure call for investors to share capital direction, sectoral outlook, opportunities, challenges, and risks.

Learn More
Founder Peak (2)
Learn More
The Founders Peak

An initiative designed to celebrate Founders, their journey, and experiences – a cathartic experience in which speakers have the opportunity to share a purposeful story with the world, and one that we hope will inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs, leaders and society at large.

Learn More
JapanFinTechFestival (1)
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Japan FinTech Festival

The Japan FinTech Festival brings together Japanese and global communities to engage, connect, and collaborate on technology-led innovation in financial services. Policymakers, technologists, business leaders, and investors will participate in comprehensive dialogues on various aspects of the future growth of financial services.

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Talent (3)
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Elevandi Education

Elevandi Education distills the best insights from across our platforms year-round into bite-sized courses to help professionals, regulators and students upskill, keep updated, and stay relevant.

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The_Big_Spark_HP (2)
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The Big Spark

The Big Spark is a powerful capital raising platform for South East Asia. A brand new, business reality TV show that empowers entrepreneurs with mentorship, a strong network and the opportunity to receive $1M of equity investment.  

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Our Community

  • CEOs
    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-08-30-3092-AM

      Adena Friedman

      President & CEO, Nasdaq Inc

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-14-23-1064-AM

      Bill Winters

      Group CEO, Standard Chartered plc

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-15-20-0307-AM

      Christian Mumenthaler

      Group CEO, Swiss Re

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-16-19-1991-AM

      Chuck Robbins

      Chair & CEO, Cisco

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-17-05-0515-AM

      Dan Schulman

      President & Chief Executive Officer, PayPal

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-17-43-0920-AM

      Dinesh Khara

      Chairman, State Bank of India

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-18-24-7748-AM

      Eric Jing

      Chairman & CEO, Ant Group

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-19-03-1050-AM

      Jane Fraser

      Chief Executive Officer, Citigroup

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-19-43-3284-AM

      Jos Dijsselhof

      CEO, SIX Group Services AG

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-20-24-6343-AM

      Kamal Quadir

      CEO, bKash

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-20-59-9252-AM

      Larry Fink

      Founder, Chairman & CEO, BlackRock

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-21-37-1796-AM

      Marc Benioff

      Chair & CEO, Salesforce

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-22-17-7462-AM

      Michael Miebach

      CEO, Mastercard

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-22-55-2857-AM

      Mike Wells

      Group CEO, Prudential plc

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-23-26-1041-AM

      Noel Quinn

      Group CEO, HSBC Holdings plc

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-24-03-1784-AM

      Philipp Rickenbacher

      Chief Executive Officer, Julius Baer

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-24-40-2240-AM

      Piyush Gupta

      Group CEO, DBS

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-25-25-9984-AM

      Rachmat Kaimuddin

      Chief Executive Officer, Bukalapak

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-26-03-3145-AM

      Ralph A.J.G. Hamers

      Group CEO, UBS Group AG

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-26-47-8240-AM

      Satya Nadella

      Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-27-23-9707-AM

      Shayne Elliot

      CEO, ANZ

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-27-59-5578-AM

      Sundar Pichai

      Chief Executive Officer, Google and Alphabet

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-28-43-3853-AM

      TS Anil

      Global CEO, Monzo Bank

  • Entrepreneurs
    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-30-41-0196-AM

      Andre Soelistyo

      Co-Founder & CEO, GoTo

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-31-19-4036-AM

      Anthony Eisen

      Co-Founder & CEO, Afterpay

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-31-59-3859-AM

      Anthony Tan

      Co-Founder & CEO, Grab

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-32-36-3535-AM

      Cameron Winklevoss

      Co-Founder & President, Gemini

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-33-13-4763-AM

      Kris Marszalek

      Co-Founder & CEO,

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-35-15-7734-AM

      Kristo Käärmann

      Co-Founder & CEO, Wise

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-35-51-8289-AM

      Nandan Nilekani

      Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Infosys

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-36-29-4490-AM

      Sallie Krawcheck

      Founder and CEO, Ellevest

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-37-14-5024-AM

      Tyler Winklevoss

      Co-Founder & CEO, Gemini

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-38-13-1457-AM

      Vijay Shekhar Sharma

      Founder & CEO, Paytm

  • Investors
    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-40-58-6506-AM

      Ben Horowitz

      Co-Founder & General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-41-38-5921-AM

      Mark Carney

      Vice Chairman, Brookfield Asset Management

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-42-15-3632-AM

      Mathieu Chabran

      Co-Founder, Tikehau Capital

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-42-51-5611-AM

      Tim Draper

      Founder & Managing Partner, Draper Associates

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-43-25-6220-AM

      Vinod Khosla

      Founder & Partner, Khosla Ventures

  • Policymakers
    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-46-09-3776-AM

      Agustin Carstens

      GM, Bank for International Settlements

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-46-44-7123-AM

      Dr. Patrick Njoroge

      Governor, Central Bank of Kenya

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-47-14-4616-AM

      Dr. Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput

      Governor, Bank of Thailand

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-47-46-0189-AM

      Dr. Sri Mulyani Indrawati

      Minister of Finance, Republic of Indonesia

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-48-20-1079-AM

      H.E. Serey Chea

      Deputy Governor, National Bank of Cambodia

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-49-18-9739-AM

      H.E. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

      President, Kenya

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-49-55-9893-AM

      Ignazio Visco

      Governor, Bank of Italy

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-50-36-5013-AM

      Kristalina Georgieva

      MD, International Monetary Fund

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-51-09-7288-AM

      Mairead McGuinness

      Commissioner, European Commission

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-51-44-0906-AM

      Mathias Cormann

      Secretary-General, OECD

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-52-32-7695-AM

      Perry Warjiyo

      Governor, Bank Indonesia

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-54-09-6523-AM

      Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

      Former MP, Prime Minister, New Zealand

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-56-09-3582-AM

      Shri Narendra Modi

      Prime Minister, India

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-56-42-2628-AM

      The Hon Mia Amor Mottley

      QC, MP, Prime Minister, Barbados

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-57-13-2505-AM

      The Hon Scott Morrison

      Former MP, Prime Minister, Australia

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-58-04-2860-AM

      Yi Gang

      Governor, People’s Bank of China

  • Regulators
    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-46-44-7123-AM

      Dr. Patrick Njoroge

      Governor, Central Bank of Kenya

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-47-14-4616-AM

      Dr. Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput

      Governor, Bank of Thailand

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-47-46-0189-AM

      Dr. Sri Mulyani Indrawati

      Minister of Finance, Republic of Indonesia

    • download-Jul-05-2023-10-02-46-5793-AM

      François Villeroy de Galhau

      Governor, Banque de France

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-48-20-1079-AM

      H.E. Serey Chea

      Deputy Governor, National Bank of Cambodia

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-49-55-9893-AM

      Ignazio Visco

      Governor, Bank of Italy

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-52-32-7695-AM

      Perry Warjiyo

      Governor, Bank Indonesia

    • download-Jul-05-2023-10-04-51-4002-AM

      Ravi Menon

      Managing Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

    • download-Jul-05-2023-10-05-55-9110-AM

      Shri P. Vasudevan

      Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India

    • download-Jul-05-2023-09-58-04-2860-AM

      Yi Gang

      Governor, People’s Bank of China

  • Thought Leaders
    • download-Jul-05-2023-10-07-16-6892-AM

      Bill Gates

      Co-Chair and Trustee, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    • download-Jul-05-2023-10-07-53-7057-AM

      Daniel M. Tani

      Former Astronaut, AstroTani

    • download-Jul-05-2023-10-08-26-0154-AM

      Dr. Taimur Baig

      Managing Director and Chief Economist, DBS Bank

    • download-Jul-05-2023-10-09-00-0283-AM

      Eduardo Saverin

      Co-Founder, Facebook

    • download-Jul-05-2023-10-09-36-4450-AM

      Sonam Wangchuk

      Director, Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh

    • download-Jul-05-2023-10-13-08-3628-AM

      Stuart Haber

      Co-Inventor, Blockchain

    • download-Jul-05-2023-10-13-47-0404-AM

      Vitalik Buterin

      Ethereum Founder, Ethereum Foundation