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Insights By Elevandi

Elevandi publishes a comprehensive series of reports, which examine in detail the key trends shaping the future of financial services.


ElevandiOct 12, 2023 7:46:11 PM< 1 min read

Multilateral Platforms: Opportunities and Challenges in Enhancing Cross-Border Payments

Enhancing cross-border payments requires a comprehensive approach involving both the ...
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ElevandiOct 12, 2023 5:10:13 PM9 min read

What Could the Next Generation of Digital Public Infrastructure Look Like?

Written by Jael Tan, Head of Government & International Relations, Elevandi
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ElevandiOct 11, 2023 1:42:11 PM< 1 min read

Shaping Tomorrow's Digital Asset Landscape Together

Digital assets are currently at a transformative juncture, with their future largely ...
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ElevandiOct 10, 2023 3:26:36 PM< 1 min read

Responsible AI In Finance: Navigating the Ethics of Generative AI

Navigating GenAI: Balancing excitement and risks in transformative industry disruption ...
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ElevandiOct 4, 2023 3:17:26 AM1 min read

Driving Financial Inclusion in Africa

Africa’s FinTechs can stretch beyond payments solutions to microfinance and insurance New ...
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ElevandiOct 4, 2023 2:58:53 AM< 1 min read

Unlocking the FinTech Potential in Africa

The growth potential in Africa’s FinTechs can unlock greater economic prosperity Almost ...
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ElevandiOct 3, 2023 11:05:50 PM1 min read

Stablecoins or Tokenised Deposits

Elevandi Insights Forum: Who Will Emerge the Digital Money Winner: Stablecoins or ...
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ElevandiOct 3, 2023 2:56:13 PM6 min read

Engaging the Board and C-Suite on Transition to Net Zero and Sustainability Transformation

Written by Eric Lim, Chief Sustainability Officer, United Overseas Bank (UOB)
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ElevandiSep 28, 2023 3:31:02 AM8 min read

Why ESG Data and Technology is Important to Financing a Sustainable Future

Written by Dr Darian McBain, Sustainability Advisor, Elevandi, and Chief Executive ...
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ElevandiSep 27, 2023 3:27:56 AM4 min read

What is Good Governance for Sustainability – the G in ESG

Written by Helge Munkel, Chief Sustainability Officer, DBS
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