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3I Africa Summit, Accra, Ghana: A Multilateral Dialogue To Develop Pathways For Africa's Financial Sector Transformation

Written by Rafat Kapadia, Head of Investments, Elevandi
Kwame A. Oppong, Director of FinTech and Innovation, Bank of Ghana
Francesca Aliverti, Head of Business Development, EMEA, Elevandi
Aaron Baneseh, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Development Bank Ghana

Africa: Fertile ground for a digital economy boom

Africa presents a compelling digital economy boom with growth and adoption of FinTech opportunities: a massive, young and tech-savvy population largely unbanked or underbanked, rapid formalization, soaring mobile phone penetration, and supportive governments pushing financial inclusion and digitalisation. Specifically Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) offers arguably the most significant long-term FinTech growth potential globally.

Momentum is undeniable: investable models, large funding rounds, emerging unicorns and global investor interest. As best practices take root, risks are decreasing, and entrepreneurs are gaining experience. However, continued progress requires joint efforts - not just from FinTech players but also from governments and regulators.

The 3i Summit will explore and promote active collaboration between diverse 
stakeholder groups in key areas, and continuously drive innovation momentum across 
the region.

The 3i Summit discussions will be structured around four key themes:
a. Policy: Aligning and harmonizing policies to support growth
b. Capital: Facilitating access to local and global capital for African businesses
c. Ecosystem: Investing in talent, infrastructure, and ecosystem development
d. Sustainability: Exploring the role of FinTech in mitigating climate environmental and social risk