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VC Investing in APAC amidst turbulent macroeconomic conditions

Summary report by Syfe following a roundtable discussion which took place at Elevandi Insights during the Singapore FinTech Festival 2023

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This report is a compilation of critical insights and lessons learned by venture capitalists and entrepreneurs throughout the past year of macroeconomic uncertainty. The conservative and cautious sentiment for venture capital investing in 2023 was a carryover from 2022, when the APAC region faced challenges such as slower economic growth, rising inflation, declining consumer confidence, and heightened geopolitical tensions.

At Elevandi Insights 2023, participants discussed and shared their perspectives on potential economic conditions in the near future, their strategies for mitigating volatile economic environments, and the forecasted outlook on innovation and regulatory developments in APAC. The diverse issues covered throughout the session can be best summarised into three key themes..