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ElevandiJan 23, 2024 1:36:44 PM< 1 min read

SME financial literacy and talent development | SFF 2023

SME financial literacy and talent development _ SFF 2023


Many SMEs today lack the financial knowledge to advance their businesses and maximise their impact. The SFE program will introduce two new courses specifically for SMEs.

Key central and development banking leaders will participate in this session to share their experiences in uplifting SMEs and the impact it has had, as well as the importance of financial literacy for SMEs for them to grow their companies and have a greater economic impact.


  • John Rwangombwa, Governor, National Bank of Rwanda
  • Professor Zhang Weina, Deputy Director of SGFIN, Academic Director of Msc in SGF Programme, National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Qamar Saleem, Chief Executive Officer, SME Finance Forum
  • Kwamina Duker, Chief Executive Officer, Development Bank Ghana


  • Aimee Chiuten, Deputy Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore