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ElevandiJan 23, 2024 1:35:52 PM< 1 min read

Skills for success: Bridging the upskilling gap | SFF 2023

Skills for success_ Bridging the upskilling gap _ SFF 2023


According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), automation and AI could eliminate 83 million jobs and lead to a net decrease of 14 million jobs by 2027. In an era defined by AI's rapid integration into industries, the importance of continuous upskilling and reskilling cannot be overstated. However, who are responsible? In this session, we explore the roles of government, employers, educational institutions and online platforms in making upskilling more accessible.


  • Raghwa Gopal, Chief Executive Officer, M Square Media (MSM)
  • Sikang (Richard) Bian, Director of Open Source Strategy and Operations, Ant Group
  • Tay Teck Guan, Patrick, Assistant Secretary-General, National Trades Union Congress
  • Mukund Rajagopalan, Partner and Director, People Strategy, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Nicole Sandler, Head of Digital Policy, Barclays


  • Matteo Rizzi, Investor, Author, Co-founder, FTS Group