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ElevandiDec 2, 2022 5:15:00 AM< 1 min read

8 Simple Rules: Between Purpose And Prayer, The 6 Mighty P’s Of My Journey


Amit Gupta
Ecosystm & Kampd

In this talk,  Amit tells us about the 6 mighty P’s of his entrepreneurial journey.

Amit is an entrepreneur now on his third successful venture – with a rewarding corporate career with leadership roles squeezed in as well! Amit believes in the power of democratisation and his two most recent ventures are Ecosystm – a next generation Technology Research & Advisory company, and Kampd – a platform for professional communities and content. He’s a firm believer in giving back, and is the Chair of TiE Singapore, and is also among the current Global Board of Trustees of TiE – the world’s largest entrepreneur and investor focused on fostering entrepreneurship. He sits on numerous boards and has also supported the New Zealand start-up ecosystem as an advisor to the New Zealand government.



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