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ElevandiDec 12, 2023 1:24:35 AM< 1 min read

The Innovators Ask | Capital Meets Policy Dialogue 2023, Asia-Pacific Chapter

The Innovators Ask (1)

The Capital Meets Policy Dialogue, Asia-Pacific Chapter took place in Singapore during Elevandi Insights, a curtain raiser to the Singapore FinTech Festival in November 2023.

Synopsis: The Innovators Ask

  • How do you navigate raising investment in an uncertain policy environment
  • What is more difficult - raising capital? Or navigating policy
  • How has change in policy direction impacted what / how you build
  • If you had one ask from investors, what would that be
  • If you had one ask from policy makers what would that be

Aki Ranin, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Head of AI, Earthshots Collective
Beerud Sheth, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Gupshup Technologies
Jung Seok Kang, Chief Executive Officer, AIZEN Global

Navin Suri, Advisor to the Board of Directors, Elevandi