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ElevandiNov 14, 2022 11:00:00 AM< 1 min read

Slowdown For Success. You Are Running A Marathon.

Mohit R Chobey Founder & Mentor InStride In this talk, Mohit compares successfully running a marathon to running a startup. Both require diligence, commitment, work ethic, and strategy. And most importantly, they require patience, and pacing. Mohit is a man of many talents. From being a Corporate Business leader & Banker for more than 2 decades,to being an Entrepreneur marrying off his Love for endurance sports & fitness with an E Commerce Health & Wellness company. Post an unsuccessful culmination, he pivoted to Ed-tech & turned around the fortunes of an ailing K 12 company. He is a 3 times Full Ironman finisher, besides a Ted X speaker and turned author during COVID times, coming out with 2 best selling books, one of which is the first in the Trilogy of Leadership & its resonance with Endurance sports. He currently is a Co Founder in an Ed-techm besides being a mentor to 3 Fin-tech Organisations.