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ElevandiDec 1, 2022 9:17:00 AM< 1 min read

SFF 2022 | Satoshi’s Inspiration


SFF 2022 | Satoshi’s Inspiration
4 Nov, 10:10AM at the Global Plenary, SFF

Did you know that the world’s oldest blockchain has been stored in the New York Times since 1995? Or that Satoshi’s 2008 Bitcoin whitepaper was based on this use case?

Introducing Stuart Haber, the Co-Inventor of Blockchain, to the Singapore FinTech Festival. In 1991, with Scott Stornetta, Haber invented blockchain — the idea of a chronological chain of hashed data.

When the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto first described Bitcoin in the seminal whitepaper in 2008, 3 of the eight papers that were cited were written by Haber and his partner.

Join Haber to hear the journey to this incredible discovery, his original purpose and intention for blockchain, and the advice — and warnings — he has for the crypto players today.

Dr Stuart Haber, Principal, Stuart Haber Crypto, LLC

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