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ElevandiDec 1, 2022 9:12:00 AM1 min read

SFF 2022 | Orchestrating a Digital Future: Moving Financial Services from Web 2.5 to Web3


SFF 2022 | Orchestrating a Digital Future: Moving Financial Services from Web 2.5 to Web3
2 Nov, 04:00PM at the Knowledge Plenary, SFF

Three decades ago, the financial services industry depended on paper ledgers and physical coupons to enable transactions. Today, the analog experience has undergone a transformation leading to seamlessness, interoperability and efficiency powered by data and digital, which has shifted expectations of traditional custodians and service providers. Still, questions remain around the role of blockchain and distributed ledger technology to further disrupt the financial industry, as well as the increasingly mainstream role digital assets might play in the future of finance.

With institutional investors seeking exposure to cryptocurrency and opportunities in tokenization, what role can traditional institutions play in enabling innovation and product development at the market infrastructure level? How do we take practical steps to build a capital markets ecosystem that unifies traditional and digital asset servicing to support Web 2.5 and eventually 3.0 capabilities? At the same time, how do we apply learnings to ensure the trusted risk management framework and robust security protocols built into the traditional industry remain intact in an increasingly decentralized future?

Leaders of the traditional financial industry and digital natives meet to discuss the need for collaboration to take real steps to turn what was once a thought experiment into a real financial infrastructure.

Christopher Young, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Strategy and Ventures, Microsoft
Joanne Hannaford, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Credit Suisse Group AG
Michael Shaulov, Co-founder & CEO, Fireblocks
Roman Regelman, CEO of Securities Services and Digital, BNY Mellon,

Sandra Ro, CEO, Global Blockchain Business Council

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