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ElevandiDec 5, 2022 9:07:00 AM1 min read

SFF 2022 | Managing Wealth & WealthTech’s Future


SFF 2022 | Managing Wealth & WealthTech’s Future
3 Nov, 04:10PM at the Knowledge Plenary, SFF

What do second generation wealthy, newly minted millionaire founders, heads of private banks and venture capitalists have in common? They are all tasked with managing wealth into the future. In 2021, Asia financial wealth stands at US$52.3 trillion, taking approximately a 20 per cent share of global wealth. But it is the fastest growing region in the world, led by the Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI) and HNWI populations growing at the quickest pace across all regions. Wealthtech companies are sprouting and getting funding faster than any other sector within FinTech.

At the same time, the wealth industry is in the midst of another difficult cycle with the downturn in global financial markets. Major changes are afoot with the proliferation of data, new technology solutions, and an increasingly sophisticated new generation of investors demanding more from their wealth service providers. From personalised human touch to a digital-first experience; from traditional fee structures to greater transparency and drive toward lower-cost options, investors across different life stages and wealth bands are becoming more discerning and often self-directed. This applies no matter whether you have hundreds of millions as a HNWI or ten thousand dollars as a retail investor. Hear more from our panellists as they provide the end-consumer lens to their world of money management and experiences with wealth management and the new players in WealthTech.

Timothy Ho, Co-founder & Managing Editor, DollarsAndSense
Toh Ting Feng, Co-founder and CEO, GetGo Carsharing
Reuben Lai, Senior Managing Director, Grab Financial Group

Samuel Rhee, Co-founder & Chairman, Endowus

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