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ElevandiJan 23, 2024 1:33:39 PM< 1 min read

Promoting gender diversity in the FinTech workplace: Barriers and best practices | SFF 2023

Promoting gender diversity in the FinTech workplace_ Barriers and best practices _ SFF 2023


In this session, delve into the essence of diversity and inclusion and its profound impact on business success.

Get inspired by compelling anecdotes from a successful transition into the male-dominated FinTech industry, recognise the barriers women face in joining the sector and understand the enabling effects of male allyship.

This session also explores HR strategies that enhance talent acquisition in FinTech including recruitment best practices, nurturing inclusive workplace and effective employee development.


  • Nupur Mehta, Senior Vice President - HR and Global Head of Talent, NIUM Pte Ltd
  • Ee Lin Ow, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Pilon
  • Osman Ershad Faiz, Founder, Asia FiiT
  • Dalal Buhejji, Executive Director – Business Development (Financial Services), Bahrain Economic Development Board


  • Eelee Lua, Head of Marketing & Communications, AsiaVerify