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ElevandiDec 10, 2023 5:05:49 PM< 1 min read

The Policymaker’s Perspective | The Capital Meets Policy Dialogue, Europe Chapter 2023

The Policymakers Perspective_CMPD2023

This session took place during the Capital Meets Policy Dialogue, Europe Chapter during the Point Zero Forum, Zurich, Switzerland in June 2023.

  • After 2022, is there a risk of FinTech regulators dialling down on supporting innovation, and dialling up on enforcement? And why?
  • What policy actions, if any, could have mitigated the impact of 2022 on both Web3 consumers and capital providers?
  • The benefits of AI bring an equal potential for consumer harm. How can policymakers guide the flow of capital to and provide greater certainty to start-ups in AI, and capital providers?

Adrienne A. Harris, Superintendent, New York Department of Financial Services