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ElevandiDec 3, 2023 12:00:00 AM< 1 min read

Framing the Capital Meets Policy Dialogue, Africa Chapter 2023

Framing the Capital Meets Policy Dialogue

This session took place during the Inclusive FinTech Forum, Kigali, Rwanda in June 2023.

The rapid pace of technological innovation and adoption has resulted in increased regulatory and policy considerations, which in turn has investors seeking answers. The Capital Meets Policy Dialogue is a timely first-of-its-kind call for policymakers to share their strategic perspectives on FinTech regulations, including sectors of interest and concern as well as their view on emerging risks.

Conversely, the Dialogue is an equal measure call for investors to share the likely direction of capital, including sectoral investment outlook, opportunities, challenges, and risks. Above all, the dialogue is an ask for both parties to share expectations more openly.

Navin Suri, Chief Executive Officer, Percipient & Advisor to the Board, Elevandi 

Sharanjit Leyl, International Broadcaster