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ElevandiNov 12, 2022 5:00:00 AM< 1 min read

Finding The Extra In The Ordinary Can Be Game Changing


Vipul Sekhsaria
Co-founder & Chief Networks Officer

In his talk, Vipul shares that embracing ambiguity is the only way to deal with ambiguity… and perhaps even conquer it. He says that it is in temporary times that one learns permanent lessons.

Vipul has a taste for filter coffee, a wildlife junkie, ask him to sing a song next time you meet him, and he will not hesitate. Co-founder at Kaleidofin and an in-house customer network specialist.

For the day job, Vipul is responsible for customer discovery, acquisition and distribution design spread across India covering 12 million platform users and 1.7 million + customers across Kaleidofin products – Ki cash, Ki credit and Ki score.

In other times, the go-to man for solving problems and carving out innovative financial solutions!

Keywords that relate to Vipul: Customer acquisition strategy, Customer behaviour, Financial solutions for informal customers, Nat-Cat risk, Credit, Savings, Insurance.