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ElevandiJan 23, 2024 1:50:36 PM< 1 min read

Diversity within boards and among entrepreneurs: Real business impact or signs of tokenism? | SFF 2023

Diversity within boards and among entrepreneurs_ Real business impact or signs of tokenism_ _ SFF 2023


In an era of increased awareness and advocacy for diversity and inclusion, the conversation surrounding gender diversity within corporate boards, entrepreneurial ventures and fundraising has gained substantial traction. However, amidst the chatter about the need for more women founders, female investors and overall greater female representation at the highest echelons of business, a pertinent question arises: Is this shift motivated by a genuine need for inclusion and commercial advantage or primarily driven by the fear of backlash from the "cancel culture" and scrutiny from ESG enthusiasts?

Join a panel of thought leaders, industry veterans and diversity advocates as they delve deep into this crucial discourse to uncover the truth behind the diversity agenda. Is the avoidance of criticism the real impetus for promoting diversity, or are there compelling, data-backed commercial reasons to nurture and support diversity in the world of business?


  • Caecilia Chu, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, YouTrip
  • Jennifer Ho, Partner, Integra Partners
  • Patricia Tan, Executive Director, Technology & FinTech Practice, Russell Reynolds Associates


  • Tawishi Singh, SFA Women in FinTech Subco Member, Ecosystem and Investment Lead, Fintech Nation