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ElevandiDec 4, 2023 12:55:24 AM< 1 min read

The Deep-Dive: Thinking Solutions Together | The Capital Meets Policy Dialogue, Africa Chapter 2023

The Deep-Dive Thinking Solutions Together (1)

This session took place during the Inclusive FinTech Forum, Kigali, Rwanda in June 2023.

  • What were the key FinTech investment trends in Rwanda, and broadly, the African continent over the past 2 years?
  • How did timely policy action, if any, help drive innovation, financial inclusion, capital deployment and value creation?
  • Looking ahead, what are the key sectors in Africa that investors will likely allocate capital to in 2023-2025?
  • What are critical policy-making bottlenecks that should be addressed (and how) to ensure predictable capital flow, continuous innovation, and long-term value creation?

Arjuna Costa, Managing Partner, Flourish Ventures
Béata Habyarimana, Group Chief Executive Officer, BK Group Plc
Professor Esselina Macome, Chief Executive Officer, Financial Sector Deepening Moçambique (FSDMoç)
Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer, Funds for Africa's Future (Future Africa)
Richard Shearer, Chief Executive Officer, Tintra PLC

Navin Suri, Chief Executive Officer, Percipient & Advisor to the Board, Elevandi