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ElevandiJan 16, 2024 1:37:00 PM< 1 min read

The 2024 Capital Provider's Keynote: AI - Where Will Most Business Value Accrue? | Capital Meets Policy Dialogue 2023, Asia-Pacific Chapter

The 2024 capital providers keynote AI - Where will most business value accrue (2)

The Capital Meets Policy Dialogue, Asia-Pacific Chapter took place in Singapore during Elevandi Insights, a curtain raiser to the Singapore FinTech Festival in November 2023.

Synopsis: The 2024 capital provider's keynote: AI - Where will most business value accrue?

  • 'The Investment Outlook' for AI in 2024 and beyond
  • Where will most business value accrue, and why?
  • Companies that train and develop AI models
  • Those that supply infrastructure to run applications
  • Enterprise end-users that pay for those s/w and cloud infra services
  • What sectors are likely to be early vs longer term beneficiaries? 
  • Top 3 risk investors should prefer for when investing in AI
  • Importance of 'Responsible Investing' in AI, in private and public markets 

Speaker: Carine Smith Ihenacho, Chief Governance Officer, Norges Bank Investment Management

Read session remarks here.