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ElevandiJan 23, 2024 1:26:58 PM< 1 min read

Brave new world: Building a future-proof skill set | SFF 2023

Brave new world_ Building a future-proof skill set _ SFF 2023


In an era of constant technological disruption, the FinTech industry is no exception. Rapid advancements in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and digital finance are reshaping the landscape at an unprecedented pace. As a result, professionals within this field must continuously adapt and develop new skills to stay relevant and competitive.

This panel explores the importance of building a future-proof skill set and provide valuable insights into the skills required, strategies to acquire them, and the stakeholders responsible for fostering skill development.


  • Nikola Pavesic, Director of DevEx & Startups, Infobip
  • Chua Pei Ying, APAC Head Economist, LinkedIn
  • Laurence Liew, Director, AI Innovation, AI Singapore
  • Oranuch Lerdsuwankij, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Techsauce


  • Shadab Taiyabi, President, Singapore FinTech Association