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ElevandiNov 20, 2022 5:15:00 AM< 1 min read

Banking On Trust – How The Ubiquitous Postman Became A Catalyst For Financial Transformation


Suresh Sethi
Managing Director & CEO
Protean e-Gov Technologies Limited

In this talk, Suresh shares his deepest learnings from when he led the transformation of one of the largest legacy public sector organisations in India.

With over three decades of diversified global experience in the financial services, Suresh is a practitioner in the space of financial inclusion. He has worked extensively towards shaping the digital and mobile payments space in India by leveraging fintech and digital-led innovations. As the founder CEO & MD of India Post Payments Bank, he established the largest inter-operable banking infrastructure by reimagining the role of the ubiquitous Postman to become a catalyst for financial transformation.

Suresh is currently the MD & CEO of Protean eGov Technologies Ltd., an iconic organisation that has been a significant contributor to India’s population scale e-governance stack. Protean is now poised to power the next era of digital transformation through creation of open ecosystems across diverse sectors.