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The Road Ahead for Asia’s Digital Banks

With the global economy taking a downturn and investors tightening their liquidity, profitability has become top of mind among Asian digital bank CEOs. This report dives into the key risks and challenges shaping the road ahead for digital banks, opportunities for growth, regulatory implications, and the lessons learnt along the digital bank journey.

While many topics were discussed during the session, they are best summarised across the five key themes:

Theme 1: Evolution of financial services, from products like payments to lending Theme 2: Driving financial services evolution via innovative technology architecture Theme 3: Role of open and trusted data to drive financial services evolution Theme 4: Attracting, training, and retaining talent Theme 5: Policy expectations from regulators Insights are drawn from the Asian digital bank CEO strategic roundtable at the Elevandi Insights Forum, chaired by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Synfindo, Affinidi, and the Asian Development Bank. The roundtable brought together for the first time, CEOs from leading digital banks across Asia, as well as Oliver Wyman experts