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State Of Global Fintech

Written by Rafat Kapadia, Head of Investments, Elevandi

2023 wasn't a typical year for FinTech. The industry saw a significant rebalancing with reduced investment, lower valuations, and major layoffs. However, this doesn't signal an end to growth. Instead, it's a healthy correction that has brought the industry back to earth and refocused its priorities on sustainable growth and profitability.

The fundamentals remain strong: the financial services market is vast and lucrative, and FinTech continues to offer innovative solutions to persistent pain points. In this report, we explore the key trends of 2023 and what lies ahead in 2024, including:
  • Continued momentum for digital assets with regulatory progress and potential flow of institutional capital
  • Growing adoption of AI in financial services, with both opportunities and regulatory challenges to navigate
  • Early advancements in quantum computing and its potential impact on the financial system
We end with a spotlight on Japan. Despite boasting the world's fourth largest economy and a strong 2023 stock market performance, Japan's FinTech ecosystem remains relatively underdeveloped. However, this is set to change with the current Government's increased policy focus on innovation and start-ups. We also examine how global players are increasingly recognizing Japan's rising potential.