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Shaping Tomorrow's Digital Asset Landscape Together

Digital assets are currently at a transformative juncture, with their future largely contingent on holistic progression across the ecosystem. The promised benefits, including enhanced economic efficiency, societal welfare, and a democratised financial landscape, have transcended theory to become tangible realities.

With a shared vision of harnessing the potential of digital assets, the convergence of innovative technologies, regulatory evolution, and public-private cooperation will be instrumental in shaping the future of finance. Central to this transformation is the utilisation of digital money and tokenisation of private and public assets, and the emphasis on interoperability, aiming for integration across financial platforms and ecosystems.

The ongoing dialogue, commitment to financial inclusion, and adaptability to changing landscapes will continue to drive the resilience and societal value of digital assets, ensuring their lasting impact on the global financial landscape.

Written by Oliver Wyman in association with Elevandi, this report draws insights from the over 1,200 participants and nearly 400 speakers from financial institutions, academia, startups, and policy leaders, as well as regulatory bodies and experienced crypto natives, at Point Zero Forum 2023.

Download and read the full report here.