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Point Zero Forum 2022 Report

The Point Zero Forum (“PZF”) was conceptualized during the visit of the Head of the Federal Department of Finance, Ueli Maurer, to the Singapore FinTech Festival (“SFF”), 2021. The idea behind the Forum was to create a stakeholder engagement platform with select policymakers, entrepreneurs and influencers in the financial services for a deep-dive review on topics significantly impacting the Digital Financial Services ecosystem.

The inaugural edition brought together the stakeholders to discuss the two most pressing topics in the future of financial services:

  • Web3 technology and its ability to transform financial services; and
  • Sustainability and the path forward as we confront one of the biggest global challenges we currently face- climate change.

Day 1 was a mosaic of sessions focused on highlighting not only the immense potential of Web3 but also the ensuing challenges that are top of mind for regulators, policymakers, founders and business operators. The day kicked off with an open discussion on the product roadmap for Web3 and was followed by conversations on:

  • building institutional-grade digital infrastructure;
  • ensuring crypto exchange credibility and liquidity;
  • creating robust compliance and risk management frameworks to combat financial crime and market manipulation; and
  • utility and continued relevance of instruments such as stablecoins

Day 2 kicked off with a clarion call on the impact of climate change and the urgent need for the political, financial and technology communities to collaborate on solving this crisis. This was followed by discussions on how various stakeholders could collaborate on:

  • Deploying capital and innovative finance
  • Solving the data challenges that are critical in achieving the transition
  • Utilising technology, including Web3

Read the in-depth Point Zero Forum (2022) report to find out more.