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Driving Innovation for a More Inclusive Future

In a world where financial services are the lifeblood of thriving economies, the power of FinTech to empower individuals, communities, and entire nations is unparalleled. This sentiment resonates profoundly in Africa, where the inaugural Inclusive FinTech Forum (IFF) took place in Kigali, Rwanda from June 20 to 22, 2023.

Over 2,000 leaders, including policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and foundations, congregated to champion the inclusive and sustainable evolution of fintech on the continent. Africa, with its burgeoning talent and innovation, stands poised to harness fintech's transformative potential. The report, "Driving innovation for a more inclusive future," underscores FinTech's pivotal role in bridging the financial services gap, redefining capital formation, supporting vulnerable populations, and fostering inclusive and sustainable development.

Through FinTech, Africa envisions a future where financial services are accessible, affordable, and inclusive, promoting shared prosperity for all. The Kigali forum served as a platform for deep dialogues on leveraging technology to propel financial inclusion. With five core themes guiding the discourse, participants explored digital infrastructure, access to capital, regulatory unity, cross-border collaboration, and talent development. This report, a collaborative effort by KPMG in Singapore and Elevandi, celebrates the transformative wave unleashed at the IFF, shaping the future of FinTech in Africa and redefining financial inclusion. Together, we unite in our commitment to empower Africa through inclusive FinTech, setting in motion a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Download and read the full report here.