SFF 2022

When a regulator thinks like an entrepreneur…

Dr Serey Chea
Assistant Governor & Director General of Central Banking
National Bank of Cambodia

In her talk, Serey talks about her experiences of being a regulator, not a typical entrepreneur – but she identifies many commonalities and even contrasts between both. She speaks about the risk of failure in the public eye and what the wider repercussions of any such can potentially be.

Serey Chea is an Assistant Governor of the National Bank of Cambodia. She is passionate about financial inclusion and women economic empowerment.

Achievements under her leadership include the establishment of Credit Bureau Cambodia in 2012 that propelled Cambodia’s Ease of Access to Finance to number 7 worldwide in 2017 by the World Bank, the introduction of Bakong, a national backbone payment system using DLT allowing interoperability amongst all financial service providers making financial services more accessible and affordable, and the introduction of financial literacy into the general education program.

Serey holds a PhD in economics and is a member of the Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum

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