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The Story of a Farmer Who Built a Billion Dollar Fintech | SFF 2020

Lex Greensill witnessed his parents struggle with delayed payment first hand when he was growing up on the family sugar cane farm in Australia. Their crops took 18 months to grow and inefficient supply chains meant it took another 12 months to get paid. Now Lex and his ground-breaking team have built Greensill, a global fintech powerhouse that specialises in working capital finance and has funded $163bn during 2020 on behalf of more than ten million customers in 175 countries. Join this session to hear how a young visionary from country Queensland Australia is making finance fairer for millions of businesses and people all over the world.

Speaker: Lex Greensill, Chief Executive Officer, Greensill
Moderator: Pat Patel, Principal Executive Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

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