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The Great Rebundling of Finance | SFF 2020

The great rebundling of finance is upon us. Financial services – lending, payments, etc.- are getting unbundled from FIs and getting rebundled into a diverse range of customer contexts. They are increasingly embedded in a variety of experiences and ecosystems, ranging from mobility to healthcare to trade and logistics.

Unbundling and rebundling are fundamental to digital innovation. In the music industry, songs were unbundled from albums by Napster and iTunes, and then rebundled as Spotify playlists. News was unbundled from newspapers by the internet and is now rebundled as personalized news feeds.

We’re seeing the same pattern play out with finance and the coming years will witness the great rebundling of finance.

What will the future bundles of finance look like? Which customer experiences will absorb finance? Which non-financial firms will dominate the future financial bundles? Join us for this panel where digital giants and financial behemoths wrestle out their views of the future world they are shaping, and the bets they are placing in this emerging landscape.

– Jorn Lambert, Chief Digital Officer, Mastercard
– Mike Wells, Group Chief Executive, Prudential PLC
– Tony Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia

Moderator: Sangeet Paul Choudary, Author, Platform Revolution

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