SFF 2022

Swarat to Samrat: Master yourself to master the world.

Gitanjali Jain
Himalayan Institute of Alternatives

In this talk, Gitanjali tells us how one becomes a master of oneself. She says the first step is to have a vision larger than yourself. The second step is to then constantly live for this idea.

Life is a precious opportunity for unlimited progress through unending education” – this is the philosophy of Gitanjali, a multi-hyphenate, who believes in constantly reinventing herself through lifelong learning. A social entrepreneur turned educator, Gitanjali is currently heading the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh (HIAL) as its Founding CEO. HIAL is an alternative Institute for mountain development that believes in a curriculum that is contextual, pedagogy that is experiential, approach that is trans-disciplinary and problem solving methodology that blends indigenous wisdom with modern technology. Gitanjali is also a ballerina, an Odissi dancer, a Black belt in Karate and a World Champion in the 2009 World Karate Championships in Pittsburg!

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