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Should AI in Financial Services Be Regulated | SFF 2020

AI has immense potential to benefit the financial sector but is not without its drawbacks such as biased decision-making. Should we therefore be regulating the use of AI in the financial services sector? This panel aims to provide an insightful conversation around (i) how to promote responsible/ethical use of AI, (ii) whether AI in the financial services needs to be regulated and (iii) if AI in financial services needs to be regulated, how should this best be done?

– Dr Amy Shi-Nash, Global Head of Analytics and Data Science, HSBC
– Dr John Hull, Professor of Derivatives and Risk Management, University of Toronto
– Dr Marcin Detyniecki, Group Chief Data Scientist and Global Head of RandD, AXA
– Dr Nicolas Chapados, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, Element AI

Moderator: Dr Nicholas Lewins, Financial Services Lead, Microsoft Research, Microsoft

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