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ElevandiDec 1, 2022 9:10:00 AM< 1 min read

SFF 2022 | The Arc of Blockchain: A Q&A


SFF 2022 | The Arc of Blockchain: A Q&A
4 Nov, 10:40AM at the Global Plenary, SFF

From the origins of blockchain to the future of web3, join this Q&A session to explore how blockchain has developed and where it will go in the future. This session will also explore what we can collectively do to get the ideas in papers to see the light of day, especially in tech. What are the social, economic, and policy constructs that work best?

Dr Stuart Haber, Principal, Stuart Haber Crypto, LLC
Balaji Srinivasan, Former Chief Technology Officer, Coinbase & Former General Partner, a16z

Staci Warden, CEO, Algorand Foundation

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