SFF 2022

SFF 2022 | A Hard Look at ESG Finance

SFF 2022 | A Hard Look at ESG Finance
3 Nov, 11:10AM at the Global Plenary, SFF

What is the moral dimension of green finance? How do you weigh up the impact of withdrawing funding from fossil fuels versus providing energy to people who need it most in Asia? This session will discuss climate wreckers, greenwashing hogwash and the path to net zero emissions.

Stuart Kirk, Financial Commentator
Tariq Fancy, Founder & CEO, The Rumie Initiative
Julien Vincent, Executive Director, Market Forces

Manisha Tank, Journalist & Broadcaster (seen on CNN, Ex-BBC)

#SustainableFinance #InternationalGrowthMarkets #Corporate&InstitutionalBanking #SFF2022

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