SFF 2022

Schrödinger’s cat: the double life of an entrepreneur

Suresh Shankar
Founder & CEO
Crayon Data Pte Ltd

As someone who has successfully sold a company, what he calls a high, to then having to let go a part of his team on his current and 2nd journey, in his talk, Suresh talks about how both these extreme experiences share the same space in an entrepreneur’s mind at the same time. And how entrepreneurs should harness these best.

Phase #0: 15 year intra-preneur, with many firsts in corporate life.

Start-up #1: RedPill, pioneered Analytics revolution, exited to IBM

Stupidity Gene #2: Crayon Data, go bolder with AI, build a platform – maya.ai.

Uppers: sparky daring people, purpose & values-driven journeys: deadly cocktails – of data & intuition; right & left brain; long term persistence & short term impatience.

AI Podcaster, check out #SlavesToTheAlgo

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