SFF 2022

Partnerships as a Driver for Sustainable Innovation in Wealth and Capital Management Ep 1 & 2

Episode 1: Klaus Holse, CEO, SimCorp
Episode 2: Christina Hunnerup, CEO, Velliv, Igor Tekinsky, Co-founder and CEO, Intellibonds and Klaus Holse, CEO, SimCorp

Moderated by: Thomas Krogh Jensen, Copenhagen Fintech

Financial markets are undergoing a profound transformation: investors are increasingly incorporating the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of companies into asset allocation and management decisions.

The growing demand for sustainable solutions creates a major opportunity for forward-thinking wealth and asset managers. Collaboration and partnerships play a critical role in addressing barriers, driving innovation and sharing risk. But like most complex projects, partnerships have a high failure rate.

SimCorp are providing investment management software solutions for the world’s leading financial organisations and Veilliv provides attractive pension solutions to more than 350,000 Danes. Both SimCorp and Velliv have entered into multiple partnerships in diverse areas such as ESG screening, ethical AI, robo advisory and process automation and will share their learnings including their “do’s and don’ts”.

SimCorp and Velliv will be joined by the fintech startup Intellibonds, that has just entered into a partnership with SimCorp. Intellibonds will share their insights from a startup perspective entering into multiple partnerships with financial institutions.

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