SFF 2022

New techniques to mitigate ML/TF risks

Financial institutions are increasingly looking to data analytics solutions to prevent and detect the abuse of their services by criminals. Such novel and untested solutions carry great promise, but also potential pitfalls, and may require vast amounts of data. How should the industry ensure that the new systems they deploy will be more effective, as well as explainable and fair? How can information be efficiently and safely pooled? And what kinds of infrastructure institutional frameworks, technology platforms and talent- do we need?

Moderator: Lam Chee Kin, Managing Director & Head, Group Legal, Compliance & Secretariat, DBS

• Phil Cotter, Managing Director of Risk, Refinitiv
• Justin Lie, Co-Founder and CEO, Cashshield
• Brandon Daniels- President, ExigerTech & Global Head of Analytics
• Jennifer Calvery, Global Head, Financial Crime Threat Mitigation, HSBC

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