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Nature-based Solutions – Catalysing an Impact Market with Mother Nature | SFF 2020

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are actions that work with and enhance nature to help address societal challenges. They include everything from conserving and restoring forests, mangrove belts and coral reefs, as well as bringing nature into cities. NbS have gained recent popularity as investible assets that can generate carbon credits. In this session, we will discuss the business case and potential for developing NbS, along with exploring technology innovations that help to make NbS projects more investible. And, we’ll be announcing the launch of a global accelerator program to further drive these innovations. Join us to learn more!

– Bidyut Dumra, Executive Director, Head of Innovation, DBS Bank
– Frederick Teo, Director, Sustainable Solutions Sustainability and Stewardship
Group, Temasek
– Lian Pin Koh, Director, Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions, National
University of Singapore, National University of Singapore
– Mauro Sauco, Director, Chief Technology Officer Office, Google
– Mikkel Larsen, Chief Sustainability Officer, DBS

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