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Milken Institute: The Asia-Brazil Connection Part 1: A Conversation with Paulo Guedes | SFF 2020

The Asia-Brazil relationship is a strong one, with massive potential for growth and significant global implications. Several waves of investment dating back to 1908, mainly from Japan, China, and South Korea, have created business and cultural bonds that still hold strong today. The largest Japanese population outside of Japan resides in Brazil. Between 2010 and 2015, the Chinese government invested US$ 37.5 billion in the country, surpassing Japan as the leading Asian investor in Brazil. Trends show a continued commitment to the country with other opportunities in agribusiness, the technology sector, renewable energy, and the infrastructure. Given the current global economic climate, what does the future hold for further development between these regions? Join us as we discuss the future of the Asia-Brazil connection with leading investors and policy makers.

Speaker: Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy, Brazil
Moderator: Clifford Sobel, Managing Partner and Former US Ambassador to Brazil, Valor Capital Group LLC

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