SFF 2022

Like free solo climbing, entrepreneurship is a battle against oneself

Dhruv Arora
Founder & CEO

In this talk, Dhruv passionately explains three things that are common between free soloing, and starting a business… knowing your terrain, knowing about safety nets and why starting alone does not mean you have to do it alone.

Dhruv Arora is the Founder and CEO of Syfe, Asia’s leading digital wealth management platform with a mission to empower people to build their wealth for a better future.

Having pursued a career as a trader with a leading investment bank, Dhruv realised that he had a different calling. Having seen the impact of offering wealth management services to high net-worth individuals, Dhruv founded Syfe to offer the same access to wealth management services and financial literacy to the masses.

Today, Syfe serves customers in 65 countries from Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia offices.

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