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Leaders Series – The Next Lap: Inclusive Digital Infrastructures, Private Innovations | SFF 2020

Throughout history, public focused infrastructures such as roads, electricity, telecommunication, Internet have brought about unprecedented efficiencies of scale, catalysed the best minds and inspired innovations by the private sector to benefit the welfare of people, create new jobs, and generate new economic opportunities.

Now, we stand at the cusp of the next global wave of private innovations looking set to be powered by emerging public digital infrastructures within countries, as well as their growing interconnectivity across borders.

Join us for this panel to hear from the man at the forefront of this wave architecting the digital foundations where digital davids and goliaths are tapping on and competing to reshape India and rest of the world, and the wagers that he is making in this nascent global landscape.

Speaker: Nandan Nilekani, Co-Founder and Chairman , Infosys
Moderator: Manisha Tank, Radio Host and TV News Anchor MONEY FM 89.3 , SPH Radio

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