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How Will the Financial Services Sector Respond in 2021 (Episode 5) | SFF 2020

Open Banking is already moving to Open Finance and Open Innovation in several regions in the world. Europe and the UK are leading the way in terms of regulation with PSD2 and Open Banking UK. The US, on the other hand, is leading the way in a more organic way, purely demand driven. Now all eyes are on LATAM, where both regulation and market forces are paving the road for Open banking in this new era. Mexico and Brazil have already issued regulations that every financial institution in both countries and there are at least 8 other countries preparing to issue their own version of data sharing and digital financial services.

– James P. Scriven, Chief Executive Officer, IDB Invest
– Laura Borsato, Banco Regional Chief Executive Officer, Banco Regional
– Miguel Cortes, Chief Executive Officer, GRUPO BOLIVAR

Moderator: Jorge Ruiz, Chief Executive Officer, FinConecta

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