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ElevandiDec 18, 2022 3:12:00 AM1 min read

How To Harness Your Yin & Yang As An Entrepreneur


Coen Jonker
Co-founder & Chairman
Tyme Group

In his talk, Coen tells us how he dealt with what he calls ‘the dark night of the soul’ – something every entrepreneur needs to learn to encounter more than once in their journey.

Coen Jonker is the Chairman and co-founder of Tyme, a multi-country digital banking group operating in Asia and Africa. Tyme launched its flagship bank, TymeBank, in South Africa in 2019 with over five million customers, making it one of the fastest-growing digital banks worldwide.

Following a successful legal career, Coen joined Standard Bank as its Director of Inclusive Banking in 2005. In 2011, he joined Deloitte as a Partner where he incubated and spun out Tyme prior to its acquisition by Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) in 2015. In 2017, CBA appointed him as Group Executive for international retail banking and insurance. However, in 2018, Coen along with controlling investor African Rainbow Capital, bought Tyme from CBA and re-launched the business as a global digital banking group.

Coen chairs the Board for Tyme Group, is CEO of TymeBank, and represents Tyme on the GOtyme and Tyme Pakistan boards . Coen is an active investor and supporter of startup entrepreneurs.



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