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From Founder to Investor: Founders Stories (Episode 5) | SFF 2020

Does having startup experience give you an edge as an investor? What’s in store for Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem in 2021?Are we finally ready to build from this region for the world? A power-packed 20 mins with Abheek Anand, who has seen all sides of the startup story. Starting off as a founder of a Silicon Valley company that got acquired by Facebook to being an MD at Sequoia Capital. He will be in conversation with Nipun Mehra, who as a prior investor at Sequoia Capital, CPO at fintech unicorn Pine Labs and current founder of Indonesian marketplace app, Ula will bring his own unique lens to the conversation.

Speaker: Abheek Anand, Managing Director, Sequoia Capital
Moderator: Nipun Mehra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ula

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