SFF 2022

Even failure has a peak – it’s the beginning of success

Anish Achuthan
Co-founder & CEO
Open Financial Technologies, India

In this talk, Anish talks about how an entrepreneur has to start somewhere without waiting for that perfect moment.

A tech visionary and a serial entrepreneur, Anish is the Co-founder and CEO of the world’s fastest-growing digital banking enterprise, Open Financial Technologies. With over 17+ years of experience in the fintech industry, Anish launched OPEN – Asia’s first SME neobanking platform to solve the business banking challenges faced by startups, small businesses and freelancers. Then, he set up Zwitch, an embedded finance platform with no-code and low-code capabilities that allows both fintechs and non-fintechs to launch their own fintech verticals. Further, he started BANKINSTACK, a cloud-native fintech OS that empowers banks in their digital transformation journey.

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