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Ecosystm Global Leaders Roundtable: The Future of Talent in the Post COVID-19 Workplace | SFF 2020

Businesses around the world have embraced remote work and work from home practices in a way that was deemed impossible before the pandemic hit. Technology adoption that allowed employees to safely work from whatever location was required took place almost overnight. Rollout of collaboration, security access controls and other related technology that would normally have taken months of planning, testing and training took place in a matter of days. Depending on where in the world you are, your organisation is either transitioning to a hybrid work environment, or further extending WFH policies for the foreseeable future. How permanent is this change and could one of the greatest implications of this transition and the ability to work from anywhere be ‘talent accessibility without borders’? This session will discuss and debate what talent means in the post-COVID-19 workplace, and what challenges or opportunities does the increasing use of technology create in terms of shaping talent and the future of work.

– Randeep Sudan, Former Leader, World Bank, Founder and Board Member , Multiverz Pte. Ltd. and Ecosystm
– Paul Bassat, Co-Founder and Partner , SEEK & Square Peg Capital
– Dr Julie M. Albright, Digital Sociologist, Author, Lecturer and Board Member, University of Southern California and Infrastructure Masons
– Sandeep Kalra, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board, Persistent Systems Inc.
– Miyuki Suzuki, President, Asia Pacific Japan and Greater China, Cisco
– Virender Aggarwal, Chief Dreamer and Innovator (officially Chief Executive Officer), Ramco Systems
– Anika Grant, Global HR Director, Dyson
Moderator: Ravi Bhogaraju, Principal Consultant, Ecosystm

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