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Demographics and Retirement Impact on 8 Billion People (Podcast) | SFF 2020

“Braving the Ageing World” The world is unprepared for ageing which affects all the old and potential old, and by extension, all the people Through linkages it affects global consumption, savings, investments and behaviour of the old all over the world The relationships of old people in a multi-generation world affect economic growth, productivity, profitability globally How to plan for Retirement–Experts will discuss different dimensions of ageing—savings, longevity, retirement policy Labour contracts, intergenerational contracts, Government debt, Asset Allocation, Pension System design Can we afford to grow old—as workers, consumers and retirees? Implications will require brave changes in behaviour and policy across health, education, labour and retirement. What to consider? How to implement it. Coordinated solution across individuals, families, institutions, companies & govt needed.

– Dr Mirko Cardinale, Head of Investment Strategy, USS Investment Management Limited
– Dr Theo Kocken, Professor of Risk Management and Founder Cardano Group, Cardano
– Hemal Popat, Director, Investments, Mercer
– Dr Steven Haberman, Professor of Actuarial Science, City, University of London

Moderator: Dr Amlan Roy, Head of Global Macro Policy Research Senior Managing Director at State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), Global Macro Policy Research State Street Global Advisors (SSGA)

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