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Cross-border E-Commerce | 21 August 2020

Rising internet and mobile phone penetration, the advent of “super-apps”, and a growing range of seamless payment options have transformed the cross-border e-commerce space in recent years. The space looks poised to grow even further in the wake of movement restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But will this really be the case? Will we see intensified competition as the bigger players battle it out, or is there still manoeuvre room for up-and-comers to bring their new and innovative solutions to bear?

Three payment giants – Mastercard, PayPal and Revolut joined us on the Green Shoots series to discuss the key trends emerging from COVID-19, in cross-border e-commerce:

• Consumer behaviour trends in the wake of COVID-19 – what does the data indicate?
• With traditional retail taking a beating, how viable is cross-border e-commerce as the solution to retailers’ woes?
• Can payments play a bigger role than simply being the last leg of the purchase chain? How can the tail wag the dog?

• Ari Sarker, Co-President (Asia Pacific), Mastercard
• Cameron McLean, Senior Vice President (International Markets), PayPal
• James Shanahan, Chief Executive Officer, Revolut Singapore
• Jo Yeo, Head, Payments Development and Data Connectivity Office, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) (Moderator)

*This session is open for media reporting.

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